pork tenderloin & blackberry mash panini

There’s a new favorite panini in the house.

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The only way to describe this combination is sweet, spicy, savory & fresh. It starts with a juicy, roast pork tenderloin sliced super thin. Throw some Fontina, fresh basil and some red hot blackberry mash into the mix and you’ve got yourself one delicious panini.



IMG 5934

I followed this simple technique for roasting the pork to juicy perfection. Basically, you heat your oven to 500F, pop in your seasoned pork, cook EXACTLY 5 1/2 minutes per pound, turn off your oven and wait one hour. Stay with me. I know that sounds weird. I was skeptical too but it seriously was the best roasted pork tenderloin I’ve ever made.
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While that cooked, I made my red hot blackberry smash: fresh blackberries, red pepper flakes and a touch of maple syrup. It’s so good I’m debating making another batch and cooking up some red hot blackberry mash french toast this weekend. You think I’m joking. Just wait.
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One bite and this might be your new favorite panini too.

[gmc_recipe 10686]Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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  • This looks amazing!! Was searching on Pinterest for pork tenderloin paninis and found your blog! I smoked four pork tenderloins last night for a house full of guests that never showed up and with the new panini press I have, I was looking for great sandwich ideas! I don’t have fresh blackberries but I bet I could improvise with blackberry jam I have sprinkled with red pepper flakes and smoked mozzarella instead of the fontina! Making this for lunch today!!

  • Wow!! If it wasn’t going to be another scorching hot day today, I would make this in a heartbeat!! I just need to wait for the temps to cool a bit before heating up the apartment with a 500 degree oven. I can’t wait to try this!!!

  • That sandwich looks amazing & so gourmet! I’m a big fan of blackberries…actually have some wild blackberries I picked in my freezer now that I’m hoping to try my first homemade jam with soon!