roasted eggplant quinoa salad

Roasted eggplant quinoa salad4

I have a funny relationship with eggplant. Most weeks I’ll completely pass it by in the grocery store without even a glance, but every now and then I’ll get a full-on craving for it and have to make a special trip to pick some up. Monday was one of those nights. My favorite eggplant dish is Pasta alla Norma, hands down, but my cheeseburger bender this weekend left me wanting something a little lighter, not so carb and cheese heavy. I grabbed some quinoa from the cupboard, fresh herbs from our urban garden, and whipped up this delicious roasted eggplant salad. Going back for seconds was definitely not something the hubs nor I debated very long – within a matter of minutes we each devoured two bowls. The savory eggplant, fresh tomatoes, herbs and citrus zing make it a perfect end-of-summer yet not-quite-fall salad – great for a busy weeknight or, you know, after a burger bender. The leftovers even make for a great workweek lunch!

Whats your all time favorite eggplant dish?  You know mine!

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  • I’ve starting really liking eggplant in this past year. I used to think it was just my dad’s thing since he has always loved it. This looks so fresh and delicious! A wonderful recipe to help close off the summer :) :(

  • I completely think that eggplant does not get enough attention from anyone, even myself. I forget how easy it is to prepare and I actually made a smokey eggplant soup last night and am kicking myself that I used all of the eggplant in the soup and not in this quinoa salad!

  • Eggplant is my favorite vegetable, I adore it! Thanks for sharing this recipe, it looks like a great recipe to take to the office for lunch.

  • I just love roasted eggplant, and the fresh mint and basil in this salad sound wonderful! This looks like such a satisfying, but light meal!