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Back when the hubs and I started planning this adventure of a wedding in Italy, I had my heart set on doing something special with the girls the week leading up to the big day. I knew just what would excite a group of foodies and Registered Dietitians -an authentic Italian cooking lesson- so last week, Pierluigi, a local chef and restaurant owner, invited us into his kitchen to teach us a few things about pasta making.

Within two hours we turned 2 mounds of flour, 3 eggs, a few splashes of water, olive oil, a bunch of wild asparagus and a block of Parmesan cheese into a delicious pasta dish -which we of course devoured over a bottle of wine at lunchtime. The pasta recipe was so authentic it couldn’t be written on a recipe card and my spaghetti cutting knife skills need some serious work -but that’s what cookbooks and KitchenAid mixers are for. Our little Italian cooking lesson was once-in-a-lifetime experience we’ll certainly be reminiscing about for years to come.

Homemade pasta: too much trouble or worth the work?

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