one fANNEtastic wedding

Last weekend was epic… or should I say fANNEtastic.

Anne s wedding EC31

Anne s wedding EC28

Anne, one of the girls from grad school, a very dear friend as well as favorite running buddy got married on Saturday! Stunning, isn’t she?

Anne and her new husband Matt are one of the happiest, goofiest, kindest couples I’ve ever met. One of my favorite things about them is their ability to find humor in almost any situation – like when the minister dropped the wedding rings in the grass just before saying their vows.

Anne s wedding EC30

Matt, you’re a lucky man. I’m pretty sure I would have fallen to the ground in sheer panic looking for those rings! Matt’s always been considered one of the girls but I’m so happy they’re a now package deal. Anne looks pretty pumped too.

Anne s wedding EC35

The weekend was utterly perfect. Virginia wine country, crisp Fall air, not a cloud in the sky, but I’ll let the photos do the talking. 

the anticipation.

(including a chilly, early-morning run with the bride-to-be)

Photo 7

Anne s wedding EC10

Anne s wedding EC18

Anne s wedding EC19

our first look.

Anne s wedding EC21

the kiss.

Anne s wedding EC32

the, “WE DID IT!” look.

Anne s wedding EC33

Anne s wedding EC34

that back.

Anne s wedding EC36

the venue.

Anne s Wedding LK04

Anne s Wedding LK09

Anne s wedding EC45

Anne s wedding EC42

Anne s Wedding LK08

(some of) the details.

Anne s wedding EC14

Anne s Wedding LK11

Anne s wedding EC15

Anne s wedding EC41

Anne s wedding EC13

(some of) the food.

Anne s wedding EC38

Anne s wedding EC39

the (delicious) cake.

Anne s wedding EC44

the party.

(wine-induced dancing included)

Anne s Wedding LK06

Anne s Wedding LK13

Anne s Wedding LK14

the happily ever after.

Anne s Wedding LK10

Congrats Anne & Matt! Lots of love you both!

oh and P.S…

the next on the list!!!

Anne s wedding EC48

Dress from Asos, also worn to our engagement party!

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  • Have you ever at any time experienced a very unforgettable glass of
    wine? How about a memorable bottle? Which was extra significant on your knowledge, the organization or the wine itself?

  • Yay! What a sweet post. It was so awesome to have you girls there to celebrate with us. I miss you already and can’t wait to see you again next month! :)


  • Hi Elle,

    This is my first time commenting, but I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and love your combination of healthy living and fashion.

    I’m sure you heard this all night at Anne’s wedding, but your dress is so beautiful! I followed the link to ASOS and just saw that is it on sale, so I’m thinking of buying the Nude color, but have a quick question. What size did you go with? I remember your “Vanity Sizing post” a few weeks ago and I think we are about the same size – 2/4/6 (Banana/Gap/Lulu). Thanks Elle!