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I literally have over a thousand blog posts bookmarked in my Feedly–and they’re getting a little unruly. From DIY projects to drool worthy recipes, fashion inspiration and finance advice they’re all freaking awesome, so I’m starting a new series called links I love to share them.

The hubs and I recently met with a financial planner to get our newly joined bank accounts in order and set up retirement funds, so I’ve been more finance-focused lately and reading all sorts of savvy spending blogs. Here are some great posts to keep your finances in order, and hopefully save you a few bucks too.

1. How Budgeting Works (Part 1 & 2) — A good starter guide for anyone wanting to take control of their finances, and even a good refresher for those of us who think we got it down. (Our Freaking Budget)

2. Should I Buy It — A cute printable, take-along decision card to help you decide if you really need another pair of Frye boots. Clearly, I did. (And Then We Saved)

3. 11 Secret Starbucks Saving Tips — Because it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season and those babies will put a dent in the purse. #PSL or bust! (Wise Bread)

4. A $20 Date Idea — Because cheap dates are great even when you’re married. My girl Lindsay came up with a great one! ($20 Dates)

5. 94 Creative Ways to Save Money — I’ll be parking myself on the sofa for a Netflix movie and a DIY mani/pedi tonight. Check off #14 & #29 for me!

6. 20 Free or Really Cheap Ways to Relieve Stress – By doing #2 I’ve been able to teach myself a ton, save a lot of cash and spend many relaxing nights at home tweaking the look of the blog.

Finances: Stick to a budget or go with the (cash) flow? I had a strict budget throughout my 20s and even grad school but it’s fallen to the wayside since the hubs and I moved in together. Its time to reassess get back on track!

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