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I literally have over a thousand blog posts bookmarked in my Feedly–and they’re getting a little unruly. From DIY projects to drool worthy recipes, fashion inspiration and finance advice they’re all freaking awesome, so I’m starting a new series called links I love to share them.

The hubs and I recently met with a financial planner to get our newly joined bank accounts in order and set up retirement funds, so I’ve been more finance-focused lately and reading all sorts of savvy spending blogs. Here are some great posts to keep your finances in order, and hopefully save you a few bucks too.

1. How Budgeting Works (Part 1 & 2) — A good starter guide for anyone wanting to take control of their finances, and even a good refresher for those of us who think we got it down. (Our Freaking Budget)

2. Should I Buy It — A cute printable, take-along decision card to help you decide if you really need another pair of Frye boots. Clearly, I did. (And Then We Saved)

3. 11 Secret Starbucks Saving Tips — Because it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season and those babies will put a dent in the purse. #PSL or bust! (Wise Bread)

4. A $20 Date Idea — Because cheap dates are great even when you’re married. My girl Lindsay came up with a great one! ($20 Dates)

5. 94 Creative Ways to Save Money — I’ll be parking myself on the sofa for a Netflix movie and a DIY mani/pedi tonight. Check off #14 & #29 for me!

6. 20 Free or Really Cheap Ways to Relieve Stress – By doing #2 I’ve been able to teach myself a ton, save a lot of cash and spend many relaxing nights at home tweaking the look of the blog.

Finances: Stick to a budget or go with the (cash) flow? I had a strict budget throughout my 20s and even grad school but it’s fallen to the wayside since the hubs and I moved in together. Its time to reassess get back on track!

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  • Thanks for the mention, Elle! Sounds like you guys are off to an awesome married start. Congrats!

  • These a really great tips. I like the 94 budget opinions best. And yes, switching all the light bulbs in your house does work. I saved $50 a month right off the bat. Now if I can just talk my family into letting me turn off cable.

  • I’m with ya on being strict with budgeting, but getting off track recently. Cash flow has changed recently, so it’s time to get back to the drawing board!

    Something that I’ve had a challenge with financially, is whether paying off student loan/car debt or saving for the future should be a priority. Everyone says something different!

  • Perfect timing for me – are you sure you didn’t write this post just for me?!
    I am in desperate need of budget planning so I am heading over to check out all of these blogs for inspiration and help.,