homemade gingerbread granola

Once upon a time, back when I was in grad school, the girls and I put off studying for our Fall semester final exams by baking Christmas cookies. We preferred gingerbread boys because frankly, they tasted good and never talked back. Oh and we could dress them in raisin sweaters.

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Speaking of sweaters, can you believe I’ve never been to an ugly Christmas sweater party before? I’m not sure how I escaped my 20s without going to at least one. I’m thinking I may just have to host an ugly Christmas sweater party of our own next year. Want to come? We can turn on some Christmas tunes, bake gingerbread boys and sip Manhattans together in our ugly sweaters.

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Back to the cookies–there was no time for holiday baking this year but I couldn’t let Christmas pass me by without some sort of molasses-gingerbready goodness in my life. As I started ransacking the cabinets to make a batch of my go-to homemade granola over the weekend, I grabbed the jar of molasses and candied ginger and went for it.

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And boy am I glad I did. The only thing better would be eating gingerbread boy cookies for breakfast–which I’m not completely against. Especially if they’re wearing raisin sweaters.

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Christmas baking: What holiday deliciousness has been happening in your oven this season? Oh, and will you come to my ugly Christmas sweater party next year?

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