broccoli stem veggie burgers

Broccoli stalk  red bean burgers2

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to toss perfectly good broccoli stems into the compost bucket again. At least not without feeling guilty about it. I’m a changed woman now that I know how healthy they are but I never expected so many of you girls to feel so strongly about broccoli stems too, though! I love, love, love your ideas for adding them to soups, frittatas, sandwiches and stir fry. Oh and shredding them into slaw. Genius!

Let’s be honest though. One can never have too many uses for broccoli stems so I created another delicious way for us to enjoy them -in veggie burger form! I found with a little shredding and sautéing, bland broccoli stems are perfect for mushing and spicing up into veggie burgers. The turmeric, curry and brown sugar give these sweet and savory flavor -though I imagine you could use all sorts of different spice combinations if Indian food isn’t your thing. Red beans, quinoa and cheese not only bind the ingredients together but add protein and fiber.

Broccoli stem veggie burger collage

These are a perfect weekday dinner for two reasons. First, they’re quick. Second, getting your hands dirty to mix the ingredients is a great stress reliever after a long day.

If you make these veggie burgers I highly suggest playing Guess the Secret Ingredient with whoever you choose to share them with. I had my husband stumped (awesome pun, I know) for the entire 5 minutes it took us to devour them. I finally had to tell him!

Broccoli stalk  red bean burgers1

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