Blueberry Zinger Pops

Blueberry Zinger Yogurt Pops 4

San Francisco summers are notoriously cool and foggy––the complete opposite of the steamy south where I learned to love the heat, humidity and warm summer nights. It’s true the hot summer sun is just a short drive over the Golden Gate (and conveniently where wine country is) but I admit, wearing jackets and scarves year round in this city makes it hard to get in the summer spirit.

Like really hard.

Because I can’t drive to wine country every day.

Blueberry Zinger Yogurt Pops 5

Thankfully I have these delicious blueberry popsicles to get me in excited for summer. They’re tangy, cool and sweet which makes them a perfect summertime treat regardless of what the weather is like outside.

Believe me. I walked in the house with boots and a scarf on the other day but one lick and my tastebuds had me convinced it was sunny and a balmy 85 degrees.

Blueberry Zinger Yogurt Pops 7

With just three ingredients and less than 60 calories a pop, they’ve quickly become one of our favorite swimsuit-friendly summertime treats.

What’s your favorite homemade popsicle flavor?

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