An Exciting Announcement

I realize the blog has been quiet for some time now and well, it’s time for you all to know the reason why.

You see, just 10 days after my last post, way back in February, we got some exciting news.

Yep, our little Noah is going to be a big brother come the end of October!

It came as a bit of a surprise — a very welcome one of course — but we found out after a really exhausting week which sent me into full-on mama hibernation mode. The first trimester fog hit me fast, much like it did with Noah, but seemed to ease up around 10 weeks… which was 12 weeks ago.

I’ve heard the second time around you barely have time to notice you’re pregnant and so far that’s been 100 percent true. But at 22 weeks and 1 day I figured it’s time to share the good news. You know, before a photo of me hits Instagram or Facebook and things just get awkward. ;)

Gender reveal hits the blog tomorrow — and it’s a giveaway! I mean, why not? Leave a comment below with your gender prediction and one lucky reader with the correct guess will win the t-shirt of choice from my little shop. Winner to be announced when the post goes live tomorrow.

Until then, friends!

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