A Quick Weaning Update

Happy October, friends! With Inès’ first birthday just a few weeks away, we’re down to the weaning wire over here. YAAASSS! A quick update on how this whole 8-Week Weaning Plan is going:


Last week I tweaked my 8-Week Weaning Plan just a bit, mostly to maximize sleep.  Instead of dropping the morning pump + feed, I decided to drop the 3AM feed and have been giving Ines a pumped bottle at this time instead –– which is usually topped off with an ounce or two of formula or milk from our freezer stash. While it’d be more convenient to nurse her at that early morning feed and drop the morning pump, I realized when she gets a good four to five ounces at 3am, she’ll typically sleep until 7am, whereas when I nursed her she seemed to wake up hangry at 6am. You mamas know the day-altering difference that one hour can make, whether you get to “sleep in” or actually finish a (hot!) cup of coffee in peace before the kids wake up. 


As I predicted, after dropping the midday pump, my supply went from 18-20 ounces/day down to about 12 ounces/day. Inès is still drinking roughly 18 ounces a day, so we’ve started pulling from our freezer stash and topping bottles off with an ounce or two of organic formula to make up the difference. As long as it’s warm, she doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest.

This week I’m eliminating the morning pump which will leave me with just one afternoon/evening pump! HALLELUJAH.


I vividly remember being overcome with both sadness and guilt pretty frequently when weaning Noah — sadness over losing that bonding time with him, guilt over choosing to end this relationship, especially when it had been fairly easy for us both and knowing all of the health benefits of breastmilk. Maybe it’s because it’s my second time and I know Ines is going to be totally fine, or the fact that I am really looking forward to having my boobs back once and for all (hooray!), but I don’t feel quite as sad or guilty about weaning this time around. Sure I get hit with a wave of one or both emotions on occasion but, so far, it doesn’t seem to be as emotionally turbulent. 

I have noticed some pretty significant physical changes, though! First and foremost, my hair is (finally!) falling out. I’m aware I sound crazy but, y’all, I’ve been waiting for this day. My hair got so dang thick during pregnancy and it’s been driving me nuts. I’m ready to shed some of it!

Additionally, I’ve noticed a big change in the intensity I can, and want to put into workouts lately. After having Noah, I remember being so bummed about my lack of energy and excitement for tough workouts. We’re talking months after the physical recovery from childbirth when I thought I’d be back to my old self again. Then, just when I thought my workout mojo was gone forever, I stopped nursing and, wouldn’t you know, it came back! I suspected the same would happen this time around and I’m happy to report it has. Suddenly I have more energy to put into exercise and actually crave that endorphin high after a really tough workout. It feels good to be back-ish!

That’s about it on the weaning front. I’m happy to write one more quick recap once all is said and done in a couple weeks — just leave a comment or send me a DM to let me know if you’re interested!

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