5 Minute Face Favorites

When it comes to makeup, I admit I don’t often leave the house au natural–but on the flipside I also rarely spend more than 5 minutes with my cosmetics each morning. Today I thought I’d break down my 5 minute face by sharing my all-time favorite products with you ladies. Here goes!

Favorite Cosmetics 5 Minute Face Foundation

Tarte’s Amazon Clay Tinted Moisturizer

Years Used: 2+
Favorite Hue: Ivory
A great base is important, and this tinted moisturizer from Tarte is everything I could ever want in a lightweight foundation. I’ve found a lot of tinted moisturizers and foundations seem to sit on the surface of my skin, but this one is both moisturizing and blends right in, offering just enough coverage to even out my complexion and camouflage minor blemishes. All Tarte products are also formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, synthetic fragrances and gluten, so you can feel good about the ingredients.

Favorite Cosmetics 5 Minute Face Bronzer

Lancome Star Bronzer

Years Used: 2+
Favorite Shade: Sunkiss
I could never quite find a truly natural looking bronzer for fair skin–that is until a makeup artist at Sephora introduced me to this one at my bridal consult more than 2 years ago now. For my fair-skinned friends, the shade “Sunkiss” is matte, making it great for day or night, and I find it looks so natural it’s almost difficult to over-apply.

Favorite Cosmetics 5 Minute Face Blush

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

Years Used: 1+
Favorite Shade: Tipsy
Behind mascara, this beautiful coral blush is the second most important thing inside my makeup bag. A little bit on each cheek instantly adds life to pale cheeks. In lieu of eyeshadow I’ll also swipe the brush over each eyelid to bring out my green eyes a little bit.

Favorite Cosmetics 5 Minute Face Eye Liner

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner

Years Used: 1+
Favorite Color: Black
Pencil liners never seem to stay put on my eyelids, hence I’ve been wearing liquid ever since high school. Of all the ones I’ve used, Stila’s is by far the easiest to apply and longest lasting.

Favorite Cosmetics 5 Minute Face Mascara

Almay One Coat Mascara 

Years Used: 13+
Favorite Color: Black/Brown
If there’s one thing I gotta have it’s mascara, even on days I’m giving the rest of my face a break. I tend to go back and forth between the Thickening and Lengthening mascara–both are great but I actually think I prefer the brush on the lengthening mascara more. I’ve tried several other brands over the years and, while Diorshow is another favorite, I’m not convinced it’s worth paying more than three times the price–except maybe as a splurge for the odd special occasion every now and then.

What are some of your fave cosmetics? 

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  • I love these tips! For the busy woman, I can be hard to schedule in an entire make up routine every morning. I think you’ve really captured all of the essentials. The Stila liner was a go to for me, and I’m also a huge fan of the Bobbi Brown gel liner! I think it gives you a little more control and with the brush you can draw some very fine lines.
    – Stephanie

  • I’m a lover of all things Tarte! I used their foundation for a long time, but recently switched to Jane Iredale. Both lines are great! Thanks for all the ideas! xx


  • I’m a huge fan of Josie Maran’s Argan Oil line, particularly the Matchmaker Serum Foundation, Enlightenment Illuminizer and Color Stick!

  • I love Tarte’s foundation! A lot of my favorites are by the brand Too Faced. I love their Better than Sex mascara, and bronzer that smells like cocoa.

  • STILA EYE LINER = my favorite! I have been obsessing for the past few months, it stays on so well! :) I am very interested in this LANCOME bronzer too!

  • I am obsessed with Diorshow and New Look, but I definitely am not obsessed with their price ;) I’m heading to Target today so I am going to pick up a tube of the Almay mascara and give it a try! Thanks for your recs!

  • I just love Tarte. I love their Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara and the fibre thing they have which lengths the lashes (the name escapes me….). Dying to try out more of their line

  • Thank you, thank you for the lightweight foundation rec. I’ve been looking for a new one that won’t be super thick on my skin, but will allow the coverage I need for going out/special events. :) You rock!