Do you own a one-piece?


Swimsuit season is almost here which means it’s time I ditch those dingy, pilled pieces from summers past and add a new suit or two to my collection.

I’ve noticed a lot of cute one-pieces popping up this season and I admit, I kind of want one. I guess now that I’m in my 30s I can see a one-piece coming in handy at events like extended family gatherings and office pool parties (two social situations I’d prefer not to bare my entire midsection) as well as for active beach outings and those unavoidable bloated belly days.

Oh, but which one-piece to choose? This 80’s inspired suit seems perfect for the California coastline, but I do love the idea of this Baywatch classic or the sexy yet simple black with an open back.

Do you own a one-piece? Which would you choose?

P.S. If my skin were a bit darker I’d definitely try on this pretty peplum number. It’s stunning––but I’m afraid I’d be a bit too fair to pull it off, if you know what I mean.

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  • Last year I got my first 1 piece in years… I call it my “mom-kini.” I found it on… It may be a one piece, but I get SOO many compliments on it!

  • More than anything in life (yes I over-exaggerate) I dream of wearing a fabulous, all black, cut-out one piece. My 13 year old self indying just writing that.

    How weird is it that my hold back is worrying that people will think I am trying to look like a diva in a ONE piece of all things!

    I have decided to own it and rock my dang one piece! After all I wore heels to high school haha (I know I know)

  • My freshman year of college (2008) my best friend and I became obsessed with the idea of one piece bathing suits. I got a monokini-esque suit from Victoria’s Secret that supposedly didn’t leave tanlines. I didn’t wear it long enough to know if this was true of not, and sadly I have lost it since that summers. Shame because it was not cheap.

  • I bought a one piece last year. It is a super cute black halter that is basically a black two piece with a cute patterned overlay. I like it because it is still flirty (my boyfriend actually calls it beach lingerie) but is prefect for snorkeling and looks like an adorable tank top with shorts on.

    • I hear ya! Have you checked out Target lately? I cruised through their swimsuit section last week and they actually had a few cute ones – I just didn’t have time to stop and try them on!

  • So funny – was just thinking about this weekend when I bought an adorable one from Sweaty Betty. Got it for a work trip in case I see co-workers at the pool or when I am with some family. I love mine – they make SUCH cute ones now!

  • I don’t have a one-piece swimsuit and was considering one for my upcoming vacation to Cabo. However, I wouldn’t be excited about the tan lines … so I’m probably not going to get one. It would be cute to have one under a see-through cover-up for a day of boating though.

    • Agree. I’d probably wear a one-piece way less than my 2-pieces but I think it’d be nice to have one on hand for those types of occasions. And Cabo doesn’t sound like one of those occasions!. :) Have so much fun!

  • I have two one-pieces (not including all the Speedos from my competitive swimming days) and I love them! Deep-V halter, super low back in black and a brown with ruffles around a deep-v with small strap. They are the best and I always get the most compliments. Pair with a fedora or floppy hat and some cute shorts and it’s even apres-beach appropriate :)