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So it’s been a while since our last Monday Mantra, but sometimes life just gets crazy. With New Year’s just one week away, I thought this little message was fitting for us all, maybe especially so for me given my Dad’s recent health scare. Just a few weeks ago my family and I were all reminded how special yet fleeting life can be.

On that note, I’m so happy to report that, after over three weeks in the hospital, my Dad was able to return home last Monday.He has a long road to making a full recovery but, given how sick he was, we are just thankful to be celebrating another Christmas together as a family. The hubs and I will be heading to Florida this evening where we’ll spend the week with family and friends, and also celebrate the baptism of my little adorable little niece.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts, prayers, sweet comments and emails over the past few weeks. Your well-wishes have certainly helped get my family and I through a very tough, and scary time. <3

Have a fabulous start to your week–and safe travels to those of you heading home for the holidays!

Any “trees” you’ll be planting with New Year’s right around the corner? Over the past few weeks I’ve focused a lot on being thankful for what I do have, rather than focusing on what I don’t–and I’d like to continue that into 2014!

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