5 Adorable Instagram Dogs To Follow

Instagram Favorites Dog

Not being able to have a dog is one of the only downsides of our great little apartment here in San Francisco. But between our busy jobs and travel schedules, the hubs and I have conceded it’s probably just as well for now. Eventually we’ll have more time and space for a dog of our own, but in the meantime we’ve made several furry friends on Instagram to fill the void. There are so many adorable ones out there, but I’ve grown particularly fond of these five Instagram dogs whose owners are not only wonderful pet parents but talented photographers as well.

Consider this your warning though… Side effects of following adorable dogs on Instagram include frequent bouts of forefinger petting, cell phone smooches and the unrelenting urge to show them off to complete strangers who just happen to be sitting next to you.

From top middle to bottom right: 

@ifitwags (probably my all-time favorite)
@harlowandsage (Sadly, Sage went to doggy heaven after a long, happy life so it’s technically Harlow + Indiana now. Indiana is one adorable sidekick, though!)

Have furry friends on Instagram too? Share your favorites below!

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