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I love traveling but I will say, after a wonderful 4 weeks in Europe it feels amazing to be home sweet home! The hubs and I got back to San Francisco on Saturday afternoon after a long but (thankfully) uneventful 12 hour flight from Copenhagen. After promptly unpacking our bags we picked up a couple of super-sized steak burritos, which we demolished in all of 7 minutes (that’s what 28 days without Mexican food will do to a pregnant lady), and put ourselves to bed before sunset. Sadly there were no fireworks for us this 4th of July!


The hubs and I spent most of Sunday fighting jet lag and settling back in. We did some grocery shopping, laundry, and a little bit of food prep to carry us through the busy week ahead. I had a hankering for some Carolina BBQ so we put a pork shoulder in the slow cooker for wraps and salads this week. This recipe I found on was pretty good but I’m still on the hunt for the perfect slow cooker Carolina BBQ. While the pork shoulder simmered away, I whipped up batch of homemade granola to sprinkle over my morning fruit and yogurt. Hubs also got in on the food prep fun this weekend and grilled up some delicious veggies for us to enjoy all week long.


I’m happy to report my workouts haven’t changed all that much in pregnancy–at least not yet. At 22 weeks I’m still able to jog at a snail’s pace, though I am happy to walk most hills at this point. But after 4 weeks without a proper gym, I can actually say I’m excited to get back on some cardio equipment and do some strength training this morning!

Monday: 3.5 mile neighborhood run
Tuesday: 30 minutes low-impact cardio + 20 minutes strength training
Wednesday: 3.5 mile neighborhood run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 30 minutes low-impact cardio + 20 minutes strength training
Weekend: Hoping to do a little Bay Area hiking & biking this weekend!

Mamas & trainer friends, I’d love to pin some pregnancy-friendly strength workouts to my Mommy Must-Haves board if you’ve got any to share!

What do you love most about coming home after a long trip? We ate very well in Europe but, after a month of dining out, I can’t even tell you how happy I was to be back in the kitchen!

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