Crusty Parmesan-Herb Zucchini Bites

Parmesan Herb Zucchini Bites

Zucchini + I have had quite a week! Not only was I gifted the largest zucchini of my life but my Crusty Parmesan-Herb Zucchini Bites were featured on Self as part a collection of no-fuss 3-ingredient sides! With the weather being so unseasonably gorgeous here in San Francisco, the hubs and I have invited some friends over to grill this weekend. I’m thinking these delicious little numbers will make the perfect healthy side to accompany my not-so-healthy but necessary cheeseburger.

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  • I love to make this on the grill and made it many times over the years but I love to top it with manchego cheese. Yummy

    • I’d be afraid they’d get a bit soggy. You could prep them an hour ahead and hold off on cooking until just before serving though!

  • i’m pretty sure i made this back in the 80s from a magazine article. BUT no matter, I LIKE the convenience of having the color photo and ease of pinterest or blog as reference. I magazine ((yes i kept it!) was yellowed by now and hadn’t used in a couple of years anyway. This resurgence made it a refreshing ‘find.’

  • So, other than the stupid argument about whose recipe. …has anyone cooked and tried these….any tweeking. ..they look amazing

    • I made the recipe. My zucchini needed to 30 minutes to be cooked. The house smelled amazing. Very tasty.

  • The world needs peace … all you negative writers need to stop writing and start being grateful … who cares where the recipe comes from … be thankful you can read it or even buy the ingredients to make it .. god bless

  • Amazing how I’ve found this exact recipe, with exactly the same picture and wording, on half-a-dozen other recipe sites. Must be a tough business. Pity they have to steal each other’s recipes.

    • Most people don’t look at it as stealing. I have found most recipes on other sites. People just want to share a recipe they found and tried.They can’t really mention where it came from because they have no idea where it ” originated” from. She is a dietician and lifestyle blogger not a chef…Just my opinion :-)

    • Thanks for letting me know, Ian. I made and photographed these with my own two hands. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of copyright infringement when things go viral on Pinterest. If you’re able to share any of the sites that have posted this exact recipe and photo, I’d love to reach out to them!

      • relax Elle, My gm was making these for as long as I remember (back to the 1970s) and did it w/o internet. I would not be so presumptuous to call it hers even back then.

    • Pity that one cannot share a recipe – that they never claim as their own – without somene else taking issue with it. Must be difficult to go to dinner without worrying that somehow the restaurant “stole” a recipe and used it.

      • the problem is that people are passing it off as their own, even copyrighted photographs…. the internet is a tricky place but Elle is in the right in this instance. How hard is it to just say, “found this on the following site, it’s a great recipe, hope you like it as much as I did” when you’re typing up aka stealing this entire page for your own?

        I tried this tonight, Elle, found through another site but saw you’d commented and wanted to make you aware that it’s a great little recipe and I’ll be using it A LOT! :)

  • Can these be served at room temperature? I want to put them out for a large progressive dinner and can’t heat them at the last minute.

    • Hi Karen,
      I’m not sure – but you can always prep them ahead of time. One way to do it is to have a few trays ready, and when one comes out of the oven you can put the next one in. Just a thought!

  • Hi! I live in Brazil and we don’t have a broiler (they’re not very common here)… any suggestions? Will it work if we just bake them? thanks!

  • Found this on FB. cut zucchini into sticks and dumped garlic & onion powder, italian seasonings, parm. and Mozzarella cheese. ;) baked and broiled! YUMMY!

  • First I would like to say that I made these as a side with dinner for my family and everyone loved them! I just had a baby 8 months ago and I’m on a major body makeover, so I’m counting all my calorie intake.
    How many calories are in one of these?

  • Have made these twice–1st small zucchini, 2nd medium zucchini–and both times ended up mushy. Suggestions?

  • Second time to make these. This time cut the zuch in rounds so they will cook faster. First time was great but I want instant gratification. Excellent recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  • Can you give me an idea of how much 4 medium zucchini weigh? Growing up raising giant zucchini make all the one’s at the grocery look so tiny that I’m not sure what is considered “medium”. I tried this once so far & followed the baking times for medium zucchini & obviously mine were smaller than “medium” because they were overbaked a bit & a little too “smooshy” – but even then, SOOOOO delicious & we ate it all! Thanks for the great idea!

  • was sent your crusty parmesan zucchini on my facebook and asked our cook at the nursing facility I am in and it was a big success with most.

  • Was wondering how many servings this makes? Thanks! I have a lot of people on my weight loss program Take Shape for Life who would like to try these, put we are trying to see if they fit into our program. The amount of cheese is messing us up-but we are going to see if it can count as a meal. Thanks for your help! Look forward to making them!!

    • Half cup of fresh grated Parmesan is about 215 calories… So figure that out over however many pieces of zucchini. Pretty low in everything!!

  • I think these are going to be great. I am not a person that uses fresh herbs so can I use dried herbs? Thsnk you

  • this is delicious! i had no rosemary so i swapped it for dried oregano and it was great. i’ll definetely be making it again

  • These are so delicious…it’s been three weeks since I discovered your recipe and I can’t stop making them. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have made these using fresh basil and oregano. Yum – will try the rosemary and thyme. I also make zucchini pizzas using the larger squash cut into rounds, topped with a bit of marinara sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella – broil until cheese is melted and all is hot. Great for snacks or for a meal.

    • It’s just the oil that the cheese has released while cooking and the cheese crisping up a little bit. It’s part of those really yummy crunchy bits :)

  • Oh im excited about this one. I’m actually growing lemon thyme, rosemary, and zucchinis. Although your finished pic looks to have red specks in it, is that the browning of the parmesan?
    Thank you for sharing :)

  • These look delish..I have made similar on the grill and the only thing I would add if serving as a side is a drizzle of balsamic son calls this the ‘gold standard’ for zucchini lol

  • This looks delicious! I love zucchini, but as prolific as it is, I can always use more recipes for it ;-)

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  • Oh, YUM! I eat zucchini all summer long. This recipe sounds easy as pie & delish! Congrats on being feature in Self :)