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The hubs and I have the incredible luck of spending the entire month of June here in Europe–a perfect mix of work and vacation, and a built-in babymoon, to boot! We arrived in Berlin on Sunday and, between bites of pretzels and spoonfuls of spaetzle, have been working from the small MyFitnessPal office here. Tomorrow we head to beautiful Ibiza for a glorious week of R&R on the beach with friends. The second half of our trip will take us all over Sweden–Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö are currently on the itinerary–and then on to Copenhagen just heading back to San Francisco.

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I love traveling, and plan to do as much of it as I can before the babe arrives, but it can do a number on my skin–long flights in particular. To minimize the damage, I try my best to stay well hydrated and stick to my usual skincare routine even at 35,000 feet.

On the overnight flight from San Francisco to Copenhagen last weekend, I slipped off to the bathroom for my usual nightly ritual. For the past few weeks I’ve been using a fabulous new, plant-derived moisturizing serum, The Revitalizer from BIOSSANCE. After washing up, I applied just a few drops of Revitalizer onto my face and headed back to my seat for a little shuteye. I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin didn’t feel the least bit dehydrated or irritated even after 11 hours of flying–a red eye to boot. I think the combination of drinking plenty of fluids and my new favorite moisturizer made all the difference!


I’m a huge fan of products that serve more than one purpose, especially when traveling. This little bottle of Revitalizer is a lightweight morning moisturizer that doubles as a hydrating night serum–and as I recently discovered, it’s also a great cuticle moisturizer. It’s especially great under makeup as well. My tinted moisturizer now just seems to glide on, and applying liquid liner seems easier, too. A little goes a long way!

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BIOSSANCE‘s The Revitalizer replenishes skin by using a moisturizer found naturally in your body, leaving your skin feeling nourished and revitalized. It’s dermatologist tested, paraben-free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, meaning it will never clog your those beautiful pores of yours.

A special thanks to BIOSSANCE for kindly sponsoring this post. Of course, all opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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